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Who Are We?

Air&Travel IT (AirTIT) is a wemedia founded by some senior industry professionals, relying on the WeChat and other social media platforms, focusing on research, planning and dissemination of IT solutions, making in-depth reports on IT related news, typically for aviation and travel industry.

Our Vision

Be a professional bridge between Air&Travel companies and IT providers.

Our Customers

Airlines, Travel Agencies, OTA, Hotel, etc.

IT solution providers for Air&Travel industry.

Why Be Our Partner?

If you are an airline or tourism business, we offer you in-depth analysis of the latest IT industry trends, best IT solutions for your domain, suggestions with decision-making reference value.

If you are an IT provider,, our researchers will write professional articles introducing your products and services and push the articles to all followers , so that your products will get understanding and recognition by your potential customers.